Where can I find your product?

We are currently only available in California, but to a state near you as soon as possible. You can locate our amazing retailers carrying Helmand Valley Growers Company on our Where To Find page.

Can I buy cartridges online?

Under current law, we cannot sell our cannabis products online direct to customers. Please check our Dealer Locator page for a retailer near you.

Where can I return products?

We hope this isn't ever a thing, BUT if you find yourself needing a return, please check with your original retail location, to determine their return policy.

Do cartridges/other products “go bad”?

Our products are best when consumed within 1 year of the manufacture date.

What makes HVGC products different?

100% of profits are designated to support Veteran Medical Cannabis Research. When you purchase a HVGC product you join our mission and together we take another step forward to change the face of healthcare for our Nation. We have developed a state-of-the-art lab and our scientists have worked tirelessly to perfect our proprietary terpene separation process using CO2 extraction. Our post-production methods are designed to preserve the pure full spectrum terpene profiles of cannabis. The result is affordable, 100% pure quality oil without sacrificing taste or potency.

How do I attach the cartridge to the battery?

We'd ask that you please refer to your user guide for detailed instructions, but we all know how easy it is to toss those aside with excitement of getting a new pen. The instructions below are generic use to get you headed in the right direction.Remove cartridge from box and take off rubber ca at the bottomAttach cartridge to battery by twisting, but do not screw on too tightTake one to two short draws to activateOnce activated, take a puff for 3-5 seconds wait for full effect before consuming more. Use Responsibly and Enjoy.

How do I store my HVGC carts?

Always store your HVGC products at a room temperature of 65-77 degrees. If you are storing your cartridge for later use, replace the rubber cap to the bottom to avoid leakage.

Can I buy Online?

No, in accordance with state and federal laws THC products can not be sold online. Please check our Dealer Locator page for a retailer near you.