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Conceived from the stresses of battle, to help everyone battling day-to-day life. We're on a mission to help put an end to the opioid and suicide epidemic plaguing our Nation's Heroes. We believe that exploring the benefits of medical cannabis is the most effective way to combat these issues and bring proper aid to those who gave so much for our great nation.

Who We Are

HVGC was founded by United States Special Operations Veterans (Marine Raiders). Since its inception, HVGC has been in discussions with some of the cannabis industry’s top researchers and has developed a veteran based protocol to effectively prove the benefits of medical cannabis. HVGC is supported and essentially ran by three Marine Raiders that served following 9-11.

Over time, and through HVGC presentations and seminars, the principals of HVGC realized a recreational brand will be a monetary success and will help fund the ultimate mission of HVGC, providing medical cannabis to the veterans of our United States Military.

As a service disabled veteran owned business, HVGC is intimately aware of the daily challenges that our fellow veteran brothers and sisters face as a result of their time spent on the battlefield. Some of these wounds are not visible to the naked eye.

Our country is facing a wide-scale opioid epidemic that has taken countless lives; not excluded from this crisis, the veteran community has been critically impacted. When the U.S. Military deploys to the combat theater, roughly 60% of those deployed will be prescribed opioids upon return to the United States, and over half will develop a dependency/addiction. This has caused far too many vets to lose their way, and in an ever-increasing pandemic, take their own lives.

HVGC began its outreach into the veteran community by observing first-hand and listening to the suffering of our veterans. We knew right then that our cause was worthy; and that our mission was defined. Our next step moved us into researching medical cannabis and speaking with the top experts in the field. As our research progressed, the answer to this crisis became clear: develop alternate medical solutions for those suffering with pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, sleep disorders, and most critically, are at significant risk of suicide. We care about those who suffer and believe that medical cannabis is the way of the future to help those in need. The recreational cannabis and branding will be used to assist in accomplishing these goals and ultimately serve as a profit center for HVGC.

Andy Miears

Andy Miears was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Upon graduation from High School, Andy enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Andy spent a total of 12 years in the Marine Corps, seven of those years were spent at 1st Marine Raider Battalion. His deployments include Iraq, Afghanistan, and other regions around the globe in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

In 2015, Andy separated from the Marine Corps. He was looking for a way to get some sleep, help with chronic pain, which led him to utilize medical cannabis. Over the past five years, Andy has experimented with cultivating his own medicine and caught the “gardening bug.” In a way medical cannabis was his gateway drug into sustainable agriculture. It has helped him transition from a warrior to a gardener. Andy’s passion is helping vets learn about medical cannabis along with sustainable cultivation.

Andy is currently enrolled at Mira Costa College in their Sustainable Agricultural program. He is on track to graduate in the Spring of 2020.

Bryan Buckley

As a Special Operations Team Commander with Marine Raiders, Bryan led multiple teams in deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom-Trans Sahara (Africa), South East Asia, and Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan (Helmand Province). Developed rapport with numerous host nation forces, enhanced capability and capacity within the host nation units, and briefed US Ambassadors. Led a 20 man Marine Raider Team to Afghanistan that mentored, trained, and conducted over 40 combat operations with an Afghan Special Operations Battalion. Bryan also deployed twice to Operation Iraqi Freedom with Marine Infantry and Marine Reconnaissance.

Bryan, is an accomplished sales and operations leader. Distinguished background in leadership, policy, training, management, operations and strategic decision making. Adept in negotiation, alliance formation and organizational communication. Ability to forge productive partnerships among stakeholders and reach high-level decision makers within sophisticated organizations, ensuring free and productive flow of information. Counsel and assist those within and in association with governmental agencies, along with private sector, to adopt best practices in compliance with applicable regulations and statutes. Bryan is a graduate of Villanova University.

- Awarded Bronze Star Medal with "Combat Distinguishing Device" for Heroic Service.

- Awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received during combat operations.

Matt Curran

My career began in the Marine Corps on the yellow footprints of MCRD San Diego in June of 1997 and in what seemed like a blink of the eye I found myself transitioning after 20 years of illustrious service. I’ve been stationed on both coasts and deployed around the world serving in Marine Security Forces, the Infantry, as a Drill Instructor on Parris Island SC, Marine Reconnaissance / Force Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command. It was during my decade long career at 1st Raider Bn that I found myself shoulder to shoulder with Andy and Bryan as we partnered with Afghan Commandos and led and mentored multiple Special Operation units throughout the Helmand River Valley.

I was blessed to serve with, and for, some of the most amazing people and developed an understanding and respect for the diversity in culture as I traveled the world in peacekeeping missions and in combat operations. A Veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan war I learned to value a new perspective of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and will be eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by our nation. What drew me to Helmand Valley Growers Company was an environment that embodies what I cherished most while on active duty. Leadership, trust and confidence. Strategic vision, complex problem solving, and a true sense of selfless service.

I wake up every morning with a smile because I know how blessed I am to be a part of this incredible industry and I love coming to work every day knowing what we do at HVGC is making a positive impact in peoples lives.

Battle Brothers Foundation

Battle Brothers Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization that empowers veterans through community-based personal development, economic upward mobility, and progressive medical treatments to better their lives and the lives of their families. You can make a difference in a veteran’s life today by pledging a donation or joining our team of dedicated volunteers!

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