We were recently featured on Fanboynation.com: Cap. Bryan Buckley Discusses the Benefits of Cannabis for PTSD


    While the reasons are complex, PTS and chronic pain contribute to the shocking statistic, and cannabis has emerged as a promising treatment. Helmand Valley Growers Company, a veteran-owned and operated cannabis manufacturer is dedicated to improving veterans’ mental health. They commit 100% of their profits to the Battle Brothers Foundation, who researches the benefits of medical cannabis with the penultimate goal of making sure the VA takes note.Given everything that has happened in Afghanistan (and the downtrodden feelings hitting many vets as a result) and suicide awareness week coming up, we’d love to connect you with them to have an open conversation about cannabis and suicide prevention.

    Some speaking points include:

    How does medical cannabis and mental health differ from recreational use?


    What is the advantage of using cannabis to treat PTS and pain as opposed to anti-depressants and opiates?


    What will it take to get the VA and other medical facilities to really explore medical cannabis for treating mental health?


    For the full article: https://fanboynation.com/cap-bryan-buckley-discusses-the-benefits-of-cannabis-for-ptsd/