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    Reliance on ‘Made in China’ Is a Growing Issue

    Bryan Buckley is the co-founder and CEO of California-based Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC), which aims to improve the health of veterans through its cannabis products. The company’s overriding aim is to use the money it makes from recreational products to fund research on medical marijuana for veterans, Buckley says.

    Buckley sees China as one of the main supply problems, because so much marijuana equipment is sourced from there. In China, he says, some of the major factories are currently shut down twice a week due to a lack of electricity amid surging demand for products, as pandemic restrictions ease, adding stress to an already chronic power-supply shortage.

    This may lead to further supply issues going forward, Buckley says. There are perhaps even more pressing supply issues with the massive shortage of truck drivers in the state of California.

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